Happy Veterans Day From a Veteran Owned Mushroom Farm

Guided By Mushrooms Founder David Sparks at U.S. Army Basic Training

Not everyone knows it, but Guided By Mushrooms is a veteran owned gourmet mushroom farm and business.

Guided By Mushrooms Founder and Co-Owner David Sparks joined the U.S. Army Ohio National Guard in August of 1987. He completed boot camp at the sweltering hot Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, before serving until 1995 with the Ohio National Guard Combat Engineers, when he was honorably discharged and set about into the world as a United States Veteran.

The discipline, dedication, teamwork and fortitude Sparks learned during those eight weeks at Ft. Jackson, and eight years in the guard have served our team at Guided By Mushrooms well. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and approaches business and life with the dedication of a soldier.

And for that, we thank him, and all veterans this Veterans Day.

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