Who We Are

About GBM

Guided By Mushrooms Owner David Sparks
Humble Beginnings

How it all started

When David Sparks finished running a losing, but legendary grassroots campaign for State Representative in Ohio, he wanted to be able to go beyond the boundaries of politics and help make his community better, while building a local business that brings full spectrum radical mycology to Ohio and beyond.


Beginning with a small grow tent in the winter of 2018, Guided By Mushrooms has grown into a thriving gourmet mushroom farm for local restaurants,  as well as offering medicinal mushrooms, mushroom landscaping and mycological remediation for its customers and clients. GBM recently began a partnership with the Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions in Yellow Springs, Ohio to help remediate farmland decimated by years of corporate mono-agriculture.


The goal of Guided By Mushrooms is to raise consciousness about the nutritional, health and environmental benefits of fungi in our diets and world, making this a better place to live in.