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When David Sparks finished running a losing, but legendary grassroots campaign for State Representative in Ohio, he wanted to be able to go beyond the boundaries of politics, and help make his community better, while building a local business that brings full spectrum radical mycology to Ohio and beyond.


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Lions Mane Mushrooms Grown By Guided by Mushrooms

Lions Mane
Hericium erinaceus

Black Pearl Oyster

Pleurotus ostreatus – Hybrid

Blue Oyster Mushrooms
Pleurotus ostreatus

Elm Oyster Mushrooms

Elm Oyster Mushrooms
Pleurotus ostreatus


Guided By Mushrooms presents GBM Umami Blends, a line of specialty mushroom powder spice blends that will impart umami to your favorite foods.


GBM Umami Blends are made with beautiful gourmet mushrooms grown at our farm in Dayton, Ohio. The mushrooms are dried, milled to a fine powder, and then mixed with a variety of spices that will add a lovely umami taste to any style of cuisine.


Use GBM Umami Blends on meat, chicken, fish, pasta, rice or any other grain, or add to soups and stews for a hit of umami flavor. Mix with softened butter for a delicious spread for bread or as a finishing touch for steak, pork, fish or chicken, and make popcorn that is out of this world.


We currently offer five varieties of GBM Umami Blends:


Garlic Reaper: a blend of oyster mushroom powder with garlic powder and a hint of Carolina reaper pepper. Don’t worry! The reaper won’t burn your face off! Instead, it gives a slightly spicy tickle on the back of your tongue.


Audrissa: a blend of oyster mushroom powder with Audra’s personal harissa spice recipe. This blend has a spicy kick to it, containing chili powder, cayenne pepper, and Carolina reaper pepper.


World Blend: a blend of oyster mushroom powder with coriander, cumin, and rainbow peppercorns. This blend is quite versatile as it can go into Mexican, Spanish, Indian, different African cuisines and many other styles of cuisine.


Garam Masala Blend: a blend of oyster mushroom powder and traditional warm Indian spices

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