Oyster Mushroom Powder Umami Spice Blend Gift Pack


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Delight the gourmet on your gift list this holiday season with the GBM Umami Blends Gift Box. The gift box contains one of each of the five flavored oyster mushroom powder blends: Audrissa, World Blend, Greek Herb Blend, Garam Masala Blend, and Garlic Reaper Blend.

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7 in stock


Delight the gourmet on your gift list this holiday season with a gift pack of all five of the GBM Umami Blends.

GBM Umami Blends are a line of specialty mushroom powder spice blends that will impart umami to your favorite foods. GBM Umami Blends are made with beautiful gourmet mushrooms grown at our farm in Dayton, Ohio. The mushrooms are dried, milled to a fine powder, then mixed with a variety of spices that will add umami to any style of cuisine.

Use GBM Umami Blends on meat, fish, tofu, vegetables, pasta, rice, and other grains. Add it to soups and stews or use it as part of a seasoning blend for fried chicken or tofu for a hit of umami. Mix it with softened butter for a delicious spread for bread or as a finishing touch for steak, pork, fish, or chicken, and make popcorn that is out of this world. Be creative! Bon Appetit!

Each jar contains 1-ounce of product

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