One of the most beautiful and powerful fungi in the forest, Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) is a powerful adaptogen and immune system booster. For thousands of years, Turkey Tail has been used Chinese medicine and is one of the most researched mushrooms on the globe.

Turkey Tail contains polysaccharides and beta-glutans that boost the immune system and reduce immune system stress. They also contain numerous proteins, minerals, enzymes and vitamins such as Vitamin D and B complex vitamins.

Turkey Tail may help:

• Shorten durations of colds and/or flu
• Helps build probiotics
• Helps lower blood pressure and blood sugar
• Has shown the ability in lab tests to slow or inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Turkey Tail also is effective at reducing inflammation, which makes it an excellent supplement for arthritis and other chronic inflammatory conditions.

We wild-forage our turkey tail from the forests of the Stillwater River Valley in Southwest, Ohio.

How our tinctures are made

Our mushroom tinctures are made by a dual extraction process: first the mushroom is soaked in pure grain alcohol for six weeks, shaken often, then strained. The mushroom is then simmered in water overnight to produce a double extract, which is then strained and then mixed in with the alcohol extract. Double extraction is necessary to extract the maximum amount of medicinal compounds in the mushroom since they contain some compounds which are soluble in water, and others that are soluble in alcohol.

Phase I of extraction in alcohol extracts terpenoids and phenolics from the fruiting body of the mushroom. During the Phase II water extraction phase, heat is needed to break down the hard cell walls of the mushrooms to extract the polysaccharides. These compounds are responsible for the immune boosting properties of the Turkey tail. Studies of fungal derived polysaccharides have demonstrated immune-modulating, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor activities.

Dosing and usage recommendation:

Tinctures can be taken daily to help support immune function in low doses, or at higher doses to ward off the onset of a cold or other sicknesses. We recommend taking between 1m-3ml, one to three times daily.

Tinctures are best mixed with fluid to dilute the concentrated flavor- add to tea, coffee, cocoa and other hot beverage (the heat will cause the alcohol to evaporate leaving the beneficial compounds in the cup for you to drink), add to smoothies, oatmeal, soups, salad dressing and anything else you would like.


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