We are happy to introduce a new addition to our GBM Umami Blends line of products. We have created Chestnut mushroom, Velvet Piopinno mushroom, and Nameko mushroom salts. These products contain mushroom powder, sea salt, and pepper, so they can be used in any savory recipe you make.

Chestnut mushrooms are in the same family as nameko mushrooms but without the slimy, gel coated caps. They have a nutty, earthy flavor when fresh, and a beefy, peppery flavor when dried. Chestnut mushrooms pair well with any meats, tofu, egg dishes, miso, dark green vegetables, root vegetables, and grains.

Use your imagination! Bon appetit!

Ingredients: Chestnut mushroom powder, sea salt, pepper

Jar contains 1-ounce of product