Mushscaping - Guided By Mushrooms
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Landscaping with Mushrooms


Mushscaping is the incorporation of fungi into landscaping, bringing mushrooms to your landscape, and beneficial results to your soil, compost and more.


Guided by Mushrooms Mushscaping can be adapted to meet your individual needs. We incorporate edible mushroom mycelium into wood chip mulch beds that will produce delicious gourmet mushrooms such as Oyster or Wine Cap mushrooms. Our mycologist landscapers can also incorporate artistic mushroom log arrangements into your design, producing mushrooms such as Shiitake or Maitake for years.


Once established your mushrooms will fruit when the spring and summer rains come. As long as wood chips are added every year, a mushscaped mushroom patch can produce mushrooms for many years.


Guided by Mushrooms can inoculate wood or tree stumps with a mushroom species YOU WANT. Once colonized, a stump will break down faster and produce edible mushrooms for many years depending on the size of the stump and the mushroom species. Mushroom species which can be used for this process include Maitake, Oyster, Lion’s Mane, Reishi and others.

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