Healthy Honey With Bioavailable Lion’s Mane

Healthy Honey
Guided By Mushrooms Lion’s Mane Mushroom Honey

Healthy Honey is one of the purest substances on Earth. Long sought after by humans and bears for its sweet flavor and healthy properties, pure honey is one of the nature’s gifts loved by people and cultures across the world.

But adding bioavailable lion’s mane to honey may be the only thing on the planet even better than honey.

And that’s exactly what Guided By Mushrooms has done with its Bioavailable Lion’s Mane Honey

Bringing all of the healthy properties of Lion’s Mane, the cooked down and extracted nutrients from the Lion’s Mane mushrooms merge with honey to form an out of this world gourmet experience.

“I was cooking one night, playing around with some different flavors, and decided to mix some our bioavailable lion’s mane powder with honey harvested from our bee hives,” says Audra Sparks of Guided By Mushrooms. “It was absolutely delicious. It has the flavor of honey infused with fig and raisins, with hints of unsweetened chocolate.”

But the sweet flavor of this healthy honey isn’t limited to using as a topping on sweet desserts like pies and cakes. Adding a swirl over a fresh grilled meat filet takes a plain piece of meat into gourmet heaven. Others use the lion’s mane honey as an addition to coffee or tea. The uses for this healthy honey are endless for a creative cook or chef.

“You can use it as a spread on bread, or with crackers and cheese. You can create umami-filled salad dressings, or add it to your favorite homemade grilling sauce,” added Sparks.

Guided By Mushroom’s Lion’s Mane Honey is available at stores in the Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus, Ohio areas, or for purchase directly from this web site.

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